Someday, Today

Finding a purposeful life through faith and travel

Sleepless Nights


He visits me in my dreams.

I don’t remember his laugh.

But at night I can feel his pain.

Night after night.

Anger. Sadness. Grief.

Why are you haunting me?

What is it that you have to say?

Are you disappointed in my choices?

Why do you keep coming and going as you please?

Are you just telling me you miss me?

Or is this just in my head?

Am I making up your image

Because I have nothing left?

I keep seeing you in my dreams

An aging face, one you never got to have.

Always leaving me. Abandoning me.

Time and time again.

Quickly. Slowly.

Maybe this is just part of the cycle.


You’ve been quiet.

Not a word is said.

Just a feeling. A knowing.

That you are there and sad.

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