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Amber Lynn Photography

I remember as a young kid my dad going out on the balcony during a storm with camera to capture images of lightening. My dad was fond of Ansel Adams and we grew up with his images on our walls. My aunt is an amazing photographer and artist – and some of my favorite images from my childhood were captured by her. For me, photography is just a part of who I am and what I love. It is a passion and something I never tire of. My earlier photography is mostly architecture and landscape, over time I have enjoyed candid and travel photography, as well as portraits and special events.

I use a Canon M50 (mirrorless) and a Canon 850 d with a Tamron lens.

And sometimes it’s my Iphone.

Are you ready for it?


What color is love?
Drawing attention
Rural Life
Tea Time
Reflections 2

Usnisa Palace, (Buddhist Temple), Nanjing, China


Usnisa Palace, (Buddhist Temple), Nanjing, China

Summer Palace, Beijing, China

About Me

Just your normal millennial trying to make it in this world. I love going to new cities, eating new foods and meeting new people- but I usually prefer the company of my cats. I’m inviting you to come laugh, cry, travel and eat with me on the crazy ride we call adulthood.


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