Someday, Today

Finding a purposeful life through faith and travel

A beginning…

It’s been another busy couple of months, honestly I have spent more time reading words than writing them. But I have been working on a little something. I’m not sure where I am going to go with this, but I do know that the words have just been pouring out of me, desperate to tell this story.

I won’t give much away, but here is a glimpse into what I’ve been working on.

I watched her as she fell down those stairs that icy morning. The air was chilling and I wondered what she was thinking as she tumbled down. It happened so fast and yet it was in slow motion. Her body looked lifeless, as if she wasn’t really there to feel the pain as her body hit the cement.

She landed at the bottom, her soul and body came back together and she cried out. Her ankle now swollen, who was going to help her?

I watched her as she wiped her own tears away and limply stood, using the cold railing to balance herself. She looked around but didn’t see me watching her.

Instead a realization came over her face that said “you’re on your own, kid”.

She notices now that her ankle is swollen, most likely sprained, again.

She uses the railing of the steps and with a limp, walks back up the stairs. Likely to her apartment, so she can wrap it up, maybe ask for help.

I wondered, who was home to help her?

I didn’t see the ice that had settled on the stairs over night as I hurried down the stairs to get to the school bus.

My legs slipped out from under me, and suddenly time stopped. As my body rolled down the stairs, I stood at the top watching it happen. It was like I was in two places at once: both watching myself fall, and actually falling.

The me falling only saw darkness.

Slowly I reached the bottom and suddenly I felt myself at the bottom, reunited with my body, just in time for the excruciating stabbing pain that was coming from my ankle.

I definitely sprained it, again.

I looked around both in embarrassment and desperation for help.

Of course, it’s just me. Well me and everybody else in my elementary school waiting for the same bus.

But no help came.

It’s just me. It’s always just me. On my own, once again.

I grabbed the cold metal rail of the stairs and ease myself up, trying to keep the weight off my angle that was now pulsing.

Slowly I inched myself up and climbed. the stairs back to the top.

I really needed to wrap this, I was probably going to miss the bus so I also will need to get my dad to take me to school.

He was sleeping on the futon in the living room, probably unaware that my sister and I were already up and out of the house.

Maybe I will just stay home.

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