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Finding a purposeful life through faith and travel


  • Traveling on a Teacher’s Budget

    I’m a teacher, which means we all know I’m not paid nearly enough for what I do. But I love what I do. And I love the freedom it gives me to follow my other passions, including traveling. But traveling can be costly. Especially when we think about traveling anywhere overseas. But summer I went… Continue reading

  • Perogies and Dragons 

    Poland. Let’s talk about one of my favorite cities I had the pleasure of visiting just over a month ago. Krakow. We only spent a day and a half here and I so wish I could’ve spent more time. If Poland is not on your list of countries to visit, it should be. The people,… Continue reading

About Me

Just your normal millennial trying to make it in this world. I love going to new cities, eating new foods and meeting new people- but I usually prefer the company of my cats. I’m inviting you to come laugh, cry, travel and eat with me on the crazy ride we call adulthood.