Someday, Today

Finding a purposeful life through faith and travel


  • Moonlight Kisses

    Lead me by the hand and take me somewhere new. Show me all the hidden the parts of you. Let’s dance beneath the moonlight with the grass between our toes. And laugh with the wind whispering a language only we both know. Continue reading

  • Winter Whispers

    Quiet whispers and grasped hands as the breath of winter begins its dance. Swept up in a swirl of white dancing beneath the moonlight. Your sweet caress across my lips. A cold shiver as your touch lingers. Your eyes glisten as you stare into mine whispering a final ‘goodbye’. Continue reading

  • It ends with love

    My first was my friend who teased me with “love” We held on too long Too afraid to move on He was too little too late And let me slip away Then I met my one With him, I was ready to fall and fall I did He gave me peace and kept me safe… Continue reading

  • I fell. She fell. He Knew.

    There are key moments in life that sticks with people, shapes them, molds them. Good or bad. We try to ignore the bad, some of us try to bury them deep, retell the story so it doesn’t taint what or who they are trying to protect. Sometimes the retelling becomes the reality, the memory. It’s… Continue reading

  • A beginning…

    It’s been another busy couple of months, honestly I have spent more time reading words than writing them. But I have been working on a little something. I’m not sure where I am going to go with this, but I do know that the words have just been pouring out of me, desperate to tell… Continue reading

  • Spring has Sprung

    Well so much for me writing weekly updates in 2023. I guess somethings just don’t change. I had to sort out a lot emotionally at the beginning of this year if I am honest. I took my first trip outside of China in January, and it was a lot. I was still recovering from Covid,… Continue reading

  • Happy 2023! The year of the Rabbit, Peace, and Tranquility

    Yes that is right, it is the year 2023. It feels surreal, almost like I don’t believe it. I never really thought I would be living in a year or decade rather, such as 2023. Not in a morbid foreboding way, but more because it seemed to futuristic, too far into the future; not something… Continue reading

  • Walls

    I don’t remember a lot of things from my childhood. And a lot of what I do remember is painful. Or I just don’t know if what I remember actually happened or was just told to me. As an adult now I understand that memory loss is a part of growing up with trauma. The… Continue reading

  • Dystopian Paradise Part II

    I don’t think anyone could fully understand what it is like to literally be stuck and not allowed to leave unless you have been in this situation. The anxiety of is food going to run out? Considering the options for deliveries were growing slimmer, this was a real panic. How long are they going to… Continue reading

  • Dystopian Paradise

    Part I On August 6, 2022 more than 80,000 tourists were stranded on the Chinese island, Sanya, also known as the Hawaii of China. The city shut down all transportation, including flights, trains, and even didis (Chinese Uber) as an effort to control the latest Covid 19 spread. Sanya is or should I say was,… Continue reading

About Me

Just your normal millennial trying to make it in this world. I love going to new cities, eating new foods and meeting new people- but I usually prefer the company of my cats. I’m inviting you to come laugh, cry, travel and eat with me on the crazy ride we call adulthood.